Our lay response to the call to the New Evangelization is the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) Movement. It is mainly intended for nominal, cultural or lapsed Catholics to meet Christ, to live Christ, and to share Christ. However there is also much that can be offered for already active parishioners for their further growth in living Christ.

LCSC intends to do rapid and massive evangelization in the parishes. It is a work by, for and in the parish. It moves from the top down, ultimately reaching the grassroots, where the programs are brought to them. It is about acquiring a vision for the New Evangelization and having an opportunity to live that vision in a vibrant way. Those who are evangelized become evangelizers themselves. Those who are served later on serve others in the same ways.

LCSC is about mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization.

LCSC does not compete with or replace any parish program, ministry or group. In fact, LCSC would enhance all such parish offerings. Its focus is raw evangelization, bringing parishioners back to Christ and to the Church. LCSC will not adversely affect existing services of parish leaders, as these services should go on.

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      The New Evangelization is about meeting, living and sharing Christ. This actually is what ought to happen to all Christians, to be worthy of being considered a Christian. But the sad reality is that most Christians have not met Christ, are not living in Christ, and do not share Christ.

What does it mean to meet Christ?

It is to have an encounter with Jesus. This perhaps would not be as radical as the encounter of Saul with Jesus on the road to Damascus. But it would be an encounter nonetheless with the risen Jesus. It is meeting the risen Lord. Jesus is alive.

It is not an intellectual knowledge of Jesus. He is not just the God who became man, suffered and died for us, and has returned to heaven. Now he is so far off. How could sinful man hope to connect with a divine Being?

Rather, Jesus is with us. He is our brother and friend. He walks with us. He guides us. He speaks to us in our hearts. We trust in him. We know that he only wants the best for us.

We meet Christ in prayer. Daily prayer. As friends we set aside time to be with him, so that we can grow in our personal relationship. Jesus becomes an intimate part of our lives. We desire to live for him and for him alone.

What does it mean to live Christ?

Once we have met Jesus, we need to grow in our relationship with him. We need to be transformed in Christ. We enter more deeply into our life in him. We need to be changed, as we are restored to the image and likeness of God in which we were created. We become worthy children of the Father. We become true temples of the Holy Spirit.

God provides us the tools to grow in Christ. Aside from prayer, we have the Bible and Christian formation. We have the privilege of doing Christian service, by which we grow in loving our neighbor. We have the support of the Christian community. We have the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

Living Christ is living a life of holiness. We are not just to avoid sin and be good people. We are to be holy people. We are to be holy in every aspect of our conduct, to be holy because God is holy (1 Pt 1:15-16). We have been set apart. We live in the world but are not of it. We walk along God’s righteous path.

Living Christ is being a true disciple. Jesus defined discipleship: we are to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow him (Mt 16:24). Against the world’s self-concern and lust for pleasure, we are not to have ourselves at the center of our earthly existence. Jesus is at the center. Against the world’s seeking for comfort and convenience, we are to embrace the hardships and suffering that come with authentic Christian living. This was the very way of Jesus.

To live Christ is to be another Christ.

What does it mean to share Christ?

If we met Christ and started to live Christ, but kept that wonderful experience all to ourselves, we would be the most selfish of people. The gift we have received we are to give as a gift. Love is all about sharing. And what, or who, we share is Jesus himself.

To share Christ is to evangelize others, to proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus to others, so that they too might meet him. Every Christian is supposed to be an evangelizer. The Church herself is a missionary community. To evangelize is to obey Jesus’ final instructions before he ascended into heaven.

This is not just the task of bishops, priests and nuns, or a few lay servant leaders. It is the task of all, especially the laity, since they represent over 99.9% of the Church. It is the lay people who are out there in the world, in contact with everyone else, especially those who are not churchgoers.

If a Christian is one who has met Christ, is living Christ, and is sharing Christ, then you can see that most so-called Christians today do not qualify. Most probably including yourself.

This is why there are many nominal and lapsed Christians. This is why there is so much evil in the world, perpetrated by such Christians (among others). This is why, 2,000 years after Jesus defeated the enemy and won for us our salvation, many are still dying in their sins, and darkness still hovers over the whole world. Here then is the urgency of the work.

So we see why there is a need for a New Evangelization. It is not a new message. It is not a new calling. It is not a new way of life as intended by God.

Rather, it is a living out of what God had intended from the very beginning. It is a life centered and founded on Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. It is about being a true Christian.



  1. CFCFFL members in other countries are experiencing a handful of CLS participants and sometimes none at all. Pilipinos are everywhere but already members of Catholic lay communities and some are members in name only. I think LCSC is the best way of evangelization that will promote Christ even to non-CFCFFL members. I found it sad that our community, in CLS,we are promoting CFCFFL to increase our numbers and not for the people to know Christ. I said this because I have observed we are encouraging people who are already members of other Catholic movement to attend our CLS. We are like “getting money from one pocket and putting it in the other pocket.” And also in this kind of evangelization, CLS, our members are always saying that there are already a lot of Catholic movements. LCSC first and second,if the people learn that our CFCFFL community is interesting they will ask for themselves how to join and introduce our CLS program.

    • Yes, your observaitionsi are true. But in his latest book “Holy Spirit, New Evangelization and Pentecost”, Moderator Frank Padilla stressed that LCSC LCS “does not bring graduates into our respective communities”. I believe, that means we focus evangelization TO BRING THEM TO CHRIST and to the church he has established (today’s parish community) rather than to CFCFFL or any other group or community.

      I think now is the time for groups like CFCFFL to usher in a new era of REAL MISSION -to sponsor, facilitate, make use of all their resources -talent, time and treasure, for a massive and rapid evangelization in all parishes in the Philiipines and in all Filipino Chaplainships abroad-without “counting the cost”, that is, without the motive of just incrasing their numbers. Maybe that answers the problem of”getting money from one pocket and transferring it to another”.

  2. Are you (LCSC movement) keeping your eye on what Pope Francis is saying? Are you bringing in The Joy of the Gospel and Laudato Si, both in spirit and in practice, bringing them into LCSC? What Pope Francis says in these encyclicals does not seem to be incorporated into LCSC either in spirit or in practice, but this is only based on what I have read here (this website) and seen in parishes that are using it as a “new” movement. Any comments?

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